The Butterfly Club StorySlam

 Art by LORAC of

Art by LORAC of

Here’s how a Butterfly Club StorySlam works:

  • Every event has a theme, and everyone in attendance is invited to tell a true personal story from their own lives, related to that theme.
  • If you have a story you want to tell, put your name in the hat at the beginning of the show. We’ll pick names out of the hat as we go. Seven storytellers in total.
  • Every storyteller gets 5-7 minutes on the mic to tell a story with an arc (not a rant, an anecdote, a poem, an essay or a standup routine).
  • No notes. No props. No cheat sheets.
  • Three judges, selected from the audience, rate the storytellers using a ten-point scale.
  • The highest-scoring participant wins a medal of honor and that night’s super special prize!
  • Please read and know our storytelling tips at club.


Please join us for the next

Butterfly Club StorySlam!

Date: TBD
Come watch and/or perform!
Theme: Food
If you wish to story tell, please prepare a 5-7 minute true personal tale about Food. That Delicious, Nutritious Necessity of Life. 
Doors open at 7:30 pm. Stories begin at 8 pm.
$5 Cover. All Ages.
The Loyal Order of Moose Lodge
7414 SE 52d St., Portland, OR
RSVP on Meetup -  Facebook
or email

Storytelling tips and guidelines:

What makes a good story?

  1. A good lead. The beginning of the story should bring people into the action right away. Start with something compelling and biting.

  2. Strong delivery. Be comfortable. Be confident. Just go with it. Don’t get caught up in your mistakes. Imagine you’re at a dinner party, not on trial.

  3. Stakes. Stakes are essential to live storytelling.  Why is this story important? Why does it matter? What do you stand to gain or lose? A story without stakes is not a story worth telling on the stage.

  4. An arc. Give the sense that something is building, that we’re going somewhere.

  5. A strong ending. Have your last line ready to go before you even start. Your story has a point, a message, a final destination. Make us think, make us pause before we clap, or make us erupt with applause.

  6. Remember, A good story is truly a story. Not an anecdote, a rant, a poem, an essay, a complaint, or a stand-up routine.

  7. Keep to the time limit - Butterfly Club Stories are 7 minutes and under.