Hello, My Name is Gem Ginger and I am...

An Artrepreneur. An Idea Enthusiast. A Dreamer. A Doer.  A Lover of liberty. A Community Builder. A Government Skeptic. Some call me delusional, but they just don't get it yet. 

I'm working on a lot of different projects that I string together via the label of ART. Art is the most inclusive concept of our earthly community, and I aim to connect people through its magical ways. I feel my deepest human connections when I am united with others through art. 

The legalization of cannabis is an issue close to my heart, and I want to express that through my art. I've seen cannabis heal and spawn creativity, and to me there is no greater piece of evidence that our government is corrupt than the criminalization of a green plant that grows from the ground. In 2015 I published a book "Babes, Buds, and Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book." On the outset it seems like a trivial artistic endeavor, but to me it felt big. It was me admitting to the world that I am a cannabis enthusiast, and in this country that means I am putting my freedom at risk. I envision this as just one step in a major project.